A milestone in innovative high-tech medicine.

In an age of massively increasing toxic stress, relief has become the basis of any therapy.

Why INUSpheresis®?

Therapeutic INUSpheresis® comprises various types of extracorporeal removal of harmful polluting substances from the blood by DFPP (double membrane filtration plasmapheresis) and is a recognised and approved apheresis procedure.

INUSpheresis® is a blood plasma purification for the removal of disease-promoting substances and environmental toxins. By relieving the human body, INUSpheresis® contributes to strengthening the immune defence and the body’s own self-healing powers.

The use of state-of-the-art “intelligent” filter systems guarantees gentle detoxification that is individually tailored to the patient and at the same time “effective”.

The INUSpheresis® method used has the advantage of eliminating not only toxins and allergens absorbed from the outside, but also metabolic waste products, inflammatory messengers, infection toxins and harmful proteins and lipids. In this process, only pathogenic components are filtered out of the plasma, while other, healthy components are returned to the body. The treatment is gentle and kind to the body.

What is INUSpheresis®

INUSpheresis®, also known as Environmental Apheresis®, is a biophysical elimination procedure with a closed blood and plasma circuit based on the laws of thermodynamics. INUS was the first institution to use this method specifically in environmental medicine for the removal of pathological proteins and lipids, immune complexes, metabolic waste products, infectious toxins, allergens, environmental pollutants and inflammatory messengers, as well as for prevention.

For this purpose, a proprietary procedure as well as a proprietary device were developed in cooperation with medical specialists and Swiss engineers and their effectiveness was proven by numerous studies.
The Original INUSpheresis® developed at the INUS Medical Center and offered at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance is the only Environmental Apheresis® in existence worldwide.

Function and effect of INUSpheresis® 

INUSpheresis® filters out pathogenic structures in the blood and tissues that can seldom be removed through normal detoxification of the body. In this way, pathologically altered protein and lipid particles loaded with toxins (such as heavy metals, pesticides and solvents) can be removed from the blood and organs. In addition, this method can remove antigen-antibody reactions, so-called spent circulating immune complexes (CIC) and autoimmune complexes, as well as messenger substances and bacterial debris originating from inflammations, infections and chronic pain conditions.

As the most effective form of blood washing (apheresis), INUSpheresis® filters out everything from your organism that has contributed to the development of your illness and stands in the way of a cure for chronic inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases and much more.

In addition, INUSpheresis® has been proven to significantly improve blood flow in the arterioles and capillaries, i.e. the smallest end branches of the arteries. This is precisely where blood pressure is regulated and where crucial parts of the exchange of substances take place. Not only does this improve circulatory disorders such as coronary heart disease (CHD) or cerebral circulatory disorders, but it also increases the blood flow (microcirculation) in all internal organs, which improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues and organs and at the same time enables the removal of metabolic waste products. The eyes in particular benefit from this in macular and retinal diseases, as do the liver, kidneys, brain and heart.

The effect of INUSpheresis® is based on the laws of thermodynamics and the organism’s striving to create equal concentrations in all compartments. First, in an initial INUSpheresis® treatment, the above-mentioned burdens in the blood plasma and lymphatic system are significantly reduced. Therefore, their concentration in these compartments decreases rapidly. Subsequently, the pollutants that primarily remain in the cells of the connective tissue, fatty tissue, muscles, skin, liver, kidneys, nerves, brain, eyes and all other internal organs diffuse out and pass directly into the compartments with lower concentrations. These compartments are the previously purified blood plasma and lymphatic system. In a second INUSpheresis® treatment and, depending on the initial situation, further treatments if necessary, the blood plasma and lymphatic system are now cleansed again. As a result, the concentration of harmful substances and toxins continues to decrease, which can lead to detoxification of the blood and indirectly to detoxification of all organ systems, including the brain.

The “Intelligent Filter Membrane” 

INUSpheresis® is not dialysis! The process used does not specifically remove urinary substances, but a variety of polluting factors. For this purpose, INUSpheresis® uses “intelligent filter membranes” that are able to remove circulating immune complexes (CIC) after viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections, malformed autoimmune antibodies, inflammatory mediators, toxic substances bound to proteins or fats (among others. pesticides, solvents, light and heavy metals) etc. from the body in a targeted manner.

Conventional LDL apheresis, which eliminates lipids and cholesterol such as lipoprotein-a, LDL, etc. from the bloodstream in patients with a familial disorder of lipid metabolism, has been a well-known, effective procedure for years. LDL cholesterol, the “bad cholesterol”, plays a major role in the development of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. The risk of heart disease is increased. Today, however, it is known that there are significantly more risk factors that exacerbate or increase the risk of new diseases and recurrences. In the last 10 years, many triggers have been discovered and analysed that have had this effect. For example, chronic infections, chronic inflammations, autoimmune reactions and auto-antibodies are known to cause this. Environmental influences are also increasingly suspected of playing a role in certain chronic diseases. However, to eliminate them from the body, new “intelligent filter membranes” are required instead of the conventional LDL apheresis lipid filters.

INUSpheresis® for PREVENTION! 

An immense advantage of INUSpheresis® , besides the treatment of chronic environmental and time-related diseases, is its enormous potential for prevention! Since developing disease processes often take years before the body becomes noticeably ill, it always makes sense to get checked for chronic inflammation and stress at an early stage and to remove the causes as early as possible. The advantages of prevention are obvious here, because if a large number of the various triggers and harmful substances are eliminated from the body at an early stage, they can no longer cause any harm!

Proof of the effectiveness of INUSpheresis® 

INUSpheresis® has been tested, scientifically monitored, proven by studies and further developed by numerous specialists over decades. Proof of efficacy can be provided for patients individually by means of blood and eluate analyses. This can also prove exactly which disease-causing substances have been removed from your body and in what quantity.

Goals of INUSpheresis® 

With INUSpheresis® at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance, we achieve several goals at the same time: We specifically wash out substances from the blood that promote disease and inflammation. In addition, we reduce inflammatory mediators such as CRP or TNF-a through INUSpheresis® . We also filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies. We therefore do not counteract the phenomenon of autoimmune diseases, which is increasing very strongly worldwide, with side-effect-rich “anti”-drugs and immunosuppressants, but instead specifically remove their triggering factors such as environmental toxins, toxic light and heavy metals, inflammatory mediators and malformed autoimmune antibodies.

Safety of INUSpheresis® at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center 

INUSpheresis® is a certified procedure that is carried out at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance exclusively by specially trained specialists who are qualified in INUSpheresis®.

At the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance, you are given the unique luxury of being closely monitored and guided through INUSpheresis® with the highest level of safety in the constant presence of a specialist doctor. At the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center, no treatments are delegated to assistants or specialist nursing staff!

INUSpheresis® is not a plasma exchange. No plasma is lost during the therapy and therefore the side effects of a “plasma exchange” procedure are not present. No replacement plasma is needed. INUSpheresis® is a gentle procedure that is very well tolerated and barely strains the organism. The pathogenic substances are filtered out and the purified plasma is returned to the body with all the good components.

It has already proven itself in more than 42,000 applications. Therefore, the INUSpheresis® procedure can be described as very safe.

Behandlungsablauf einer INUSpherese® im Swiss Medical Excellence Zentrum

Treatment procedure for INUSpheresis® at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center

Before starting INUSpheresis® treatment, cardiovascular monitoring is installed. The specialist then punctures one vein in each arm with little pain.

The blood is drained via a vein in the arm and continuously fed via a blood pump through a so-called plasma filter, which separates the pathologically changed plasma in a ratio of 3:1 (3 parts by volume of blood to 1 part by volume of plasma).

The separated plasma is then fed to the special filter via a plasma pump. This has the property of recognising pathologically altered components/proteins and environmental pollutants and catching (filtering) them from the plasma. The freshly purified plasma is then reintroduced into the previously separated blood portion and returned to the body via a second arm vein, on the other arm.

During plasma cleaning, the fibres of the filter change colour and the pressure in the filter increases continuously. Above a certain pressure, the pathologically altered components/proteins and environmental pollutants are drained into a bag by flushing. This eluate is available for laboratory analyses. For the duration of the treatment, which lasts approx. 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the individual plasma volume, the blood must be temporarily made non-coagulable. For this purpose, the drug Heparin® (or Arixtra® if applicable) is added to the system at the beginning of INUSpheresis®. The dose is calculated precisely for you so that more than 80% of the Heparin® effect has worn off by the end of the treatment.

Vascular puncture for INUSpheresis® at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center

The safe and painless vein punctures are performed exclusively by a specialist at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center.
In the case of difficult vein conditions, the puncture can be carried out with low-pain ultrasound guidance both on the arm veins and on central veins in the groin (femoral vein puncture) or on the neck (internal jugular vein puncture).

Duration of Inuspheresis® treatment

You can allow about 2.5 to 3.5 hours for a treatment. This depends on the individual amount of your blood plasma to be purified.

Increasing the effectiveness of INUSpheresis® at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center

INUSpheresis® is administered at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on a heated and ergonomic luxury couch. The effectiveness of the INUSpheresis® therapy is increased even further via sound wave-controlled stimulation (vibro-acoustics) of the entire body, which has a targeted effect on individual organs and consequently improves their blood circulation during the therapy.

Depending on the frequency, vibro-acoustics cause various muscle groups and organ systems to resonate. This is to date unique in INUSpheresis® therapy worldwide and only takes place at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance.

Comfort during INUSpheresis® at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center

During INUSpheresis® you will be offered the very exceptional and unique comfort of a heated and ergonomic vibro-acoustic luxury couch at the Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil. A flat screen TV is also at your disposal.

How often is treatment with INUSpheresis® necessary?

Basically, 2 INUSpheresis® treatments in succession are always necessary initially, with a day’s break in between.

Depending on the initial situation, further INUSpheresis® treatments may be recommended, possibly at monthly intervals.

Are the costs reimbursed by health insurance companies?

The cost of INUSpheresis® treatment is not usually covered by health insurance companies and must therefore be financed privately. However, depending on the previous illness and history, cost coverage or subsidisation is possible in individual cases and can be approved after individual assessment. Please contact your health insurance fund for this.

You are welcome to pay the costs of INUSpheresis® by card or in cash after the treatment.

For whom is INUSpheresis® useful?

INUSpheresis® helps the body to rid itself of harmful environmental pollutants and metabolic products, such as:

  • lipids, e.g. LDL, cholesterol
  • pathogenic proteins (paraproteins, tumour-associated proteins, circulating immune complexes CIC, haptens)
  • toxic substances bound to proteins and lipids (environmental toxins)
  • Fat-soluble toxic substances (environmental toxins)
  • complex infectious toxins
  • pathogenic antibodies
  • toxic light and heavy metals • Inflammatory substances (CRP, TNF-a)

INUSpheresis® has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for people both as a preventive measure and as an acute measure. Therefore this therapy can be used for the following clinical patterns and areas, among others:

  • Aerotoxic syndrome
  • Allergies
  • Alopecia, autoimmune mediated
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Arterial circulatory disorders (PAOD, CHD, etc.)
  • Autoimmune diseases, diverse
  • Incipient Alzheimer’s dementia syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Chronic inflammations
  • Chronic pain
  • Colitis ulcerosa
  • Depression
  • EPH Gestosis
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Long COVID
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Polyneuropathy (toxic, diabetic, PAOD-related)
  • Post COVID
  • Pre-dementia syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and its numerous subtypes
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • to reduce stress on the nervous system/CNS
  • to reduce cardiovascular risk factors
  • for the reduction of toxic environmental pollution
  • for prevention

INUSpheresis® brings the deregulated metabolism and the inflammatory cascade or the immune system back into natural balance (so-called metabolic and immune modulation).

Different overall concepts are administered to the patients for the different stresses. Specific infusions and pre- and post-therapies are used.
Immediately after INUSpheresis® many people report a significant improvement, regained vitality and energy.

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