Diagnose und Therapie

Diagnosis and treatment

Analysis of the relevant factors of your disease, instead of pure symptom suppression 

Without understanding the causes, no solution can be found!

At the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center, we begin with thorough questioning and consideration of your individual medical history (anamnesis). We look at you in your entirety. Every aspect is important. Therefore, the first conversation is of particular importance to us. Our patients often bring the records from other treating doctors to the consultation and explain their history.

An examination of the whole body is an important part of making a correct diagnosis. Therefore, our diagnostics include all conventional markers available in medicine and, in addition, more advanced diagnostics such as in the area of chronic inflammations, metabolic processes, allergies, intolerances, enzyme and hormone diagnostics, exposure to toxic substances and detoxification capacity.

During the anamnesis, we discuss with you which diagnostic measures and which therapy procedures are suitable for you individually.


Dark-field microscopy

For example, the dark-field microscopic examination of freshly taken blood gives Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann, in addition to pointing out the blood’s ability to flow (ensuring oxygen supply at the cellular level), valuable information on toxic and endobiontic (bacterial and parasitic) stresses, the functional state of the liver and a lot of other valuable information.

Regulation und Selbstheilung

Regulation and self-healing

Restoring the body’s natural regulation is an essential key to health. Without regulation there is no self-healing. In order to promote both, we investigate the causes at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance and treat them with the most effective combinations. In this way we strengthen the success of the therapy and use the returning strength for the next steps. 

Der Mensch – ein ganzheitliches System

The human being – a holistic system

Our mission statement of “analysing the relevant factors of your disease, rather than symptom suppression” sounds simple, yet is highly complex. If many specialists only look at a single organ in isolation, this can make sense and have advantages. Beyond that, however, it is essential not to overlook or lose the holistic view of an individual under any circumstances. That every organ in the body is related to every other organ, that they intertwine like cogs in a clock, should be obvious to everyone. You as a whole person are the basis for our examinations and therapies.

Umweltgifte – allgegenwärtig und mit zunehmender Bedeutung

Environmental toxins – ubiquitous and of increasing importance

Exposure to environmental toxins continues to increase in today’s industrial society and we cannot avoid this exposure. Examples include ubiquitous plastic packaging (microplastics, plastic softeners), toxins in road, air and shipping traffic, particulate matter, pesticides, as well as countless indoor pollutants due to outgassing from paints, varnishes, adhesives, sealants, household cleaning products, upholstered furniture, laser printers and many other products. Every day holds a diverse toxic cocktail for each of us.

Lebensmittel – pro- und antientzündliche

Food – pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory

Every supermarket today sells goods in which countless additives can be found. The best-known harmful substances in food are various preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, plasticisers, colourings, flavourings and fragrances. Countless residues from agriculture such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides (e.g. glyphosate), artificial fertilisers etc. also pollute us on a daily basis. We are reminded of how little our body likes this through the steady increase in symptoms of illness.

Kosmetika, Körperpflegemittel und Medikamente – Nebenwirkungen inklusive

Cosmetics, personal care products and medicines – side effects included

In addition to food, a wide range of toxic ingredients from various personal care products such as shampoos, deodorants, body lotions, creams and cosmetics also affect our bodies. Even toys for children are known to be contaminated with plastic softeners and various harmful dyes and preservatives. A daily flood that seems to know no end.

Wirkung und Folgen

Impact and consequences

Everyone can understand that this lifestyle cannot remain without consequences. The daily flood of toxic stresses does not necessarily make us ill suddenly, but can make us ill insidiously. As a result, the adaptability, i.e. regulation, of the human organism is increasingly reaching its limits. Civilisation and autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, post / long COVID), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis (MS), hyperactivity (ADHD) and electrosensitivity, etc. can be triggered or intensified by toxic substances. Numerous other diseases are associated with such environmental toxins. Allergies have also increased massively in recent years and lead to diffuse problems in the entire organism.

Paradigmenwechsel – notwendig für Patienten

Paradigm shift – necessary for patients

Far too often, patients with environmental diseases are not recognised. Old doctrines in medicine should be adapted in the course of new findings. Therefore, at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center, we conduct targeted medical examinations based on your personal history. From the patient interview to the precise measurement of pollutants and the corresponding biochemical reactions in your body – nothing should be neglected here.