Treat yourself and your health to state-of-the-art medical cause diagnostics and cause therapy at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance.

Health is our most valuable asset. We often only realise how important this is when things are going badly for us. Diseases do not occur overnight. It is a dynamic process that only develops over time from a variety of sources and pressures. The body often sends us signals for years before an acute illness occurs. That is why prevention is particularly important for Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann.

Only those who really know the causes of the disease can become permanently healthy again.

Every person has a certain combination of causes. Therefore, each person is also treated individually at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center. Every chronic disease resembles a mosaic picture consisting of many individual stones. If only a few are removed, the image is still recognisable. If as many as possible are removed, nothing can be seen and, figuratively speaking, healing is then possible.

Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann is committed to very high standards for his patients. With years of qualified experience and top-class national and international further training, he is able to help in many cases where an improvement in complaints has not been attainable to date. He always treats at the cutting edge of medicine, diagnostics and therapy and offers his patients individual solutions even for complicated chronic diseases. 

In the field of body detoxification and orthomolecular medicine, he looks after many people, including top athletes from all over the world. Through his precision diagnostics and cause therapy, the body’s optimal performance can be retrieved by eliminating stressful environmental pollutants.

It has long been scientifically proven that health, success and well-being are strongly connected. With his international Skinline Aesthetics Swiss and INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance, he has created a place that provides the basis for health, vitality, well-being and a positive appearance.

Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann’s focus is always on the individual. He takes a lot of time to address the individual needs of his patients and professionally supports them in achieving the desired health result inside and out – a fountain of youth for your body.

He carefully analyses stresses and problems and then selects the therapies that help, heal and benefit the body.