Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann 2

Vita Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann 

In addition to his work in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine since 2001, Dr med. Sascha Dörrmann specialises in holistic medicine, orthomolecular medicine, aesthetic medicine, cause diagnostics and cause therapy and is intensively involved with INUSpheresis® as Environmental Apheresis®.

In addition to his medical activities at the renowned university hospitals in Freiburg im Breisgau and Innsbruck, and as a senior physician at the University Hospital Zurich and the Hirslanden Privatklinik Stephanshorn St. Gallen, Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann constantly attends further training worldwide in all these areas. This gives you the security of always being in the best hands and consistently being treated according to the latest findings in medicine and science.

Dr med. Sascha Dörrmann constantly communicates with likewise very experienced colleagues from all over the world about scientific matters.

After founding Skinline Aesthetics – private medical practices for aesthetic medicine, holistic and orthomolecular medicine in 2009 in Zurich, St. Gallen, as well as in Pforzheim and Baden-Baden, Dr. med. Sascha Dörrmann found his home in the beautiful town of Uttwil on Lake Constance in 2019 and is setting completely new, holistic standards there.

The magnificent ambience of the Swiss Lake Constance region offers him an ideal environment for his exceptional and holistic concept for beauty from the inside and from the outside, which is unparalleled and represents a fountain of youth for the entire body.
It has long been scientifically proven that health, success and well-being are strongly connected. With Skinline Aesthetics Swiss and his INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance, Dr. Sascha Dörrmann has therefore created a place that provides the basis for health, well-being and a positive radiance.

The individual is always the focus of his attention. Dr med. Sascha Dörrmann takes a lot of time to address the individual needs of his patients and supports them professionally in achieving the desired health outcome.

He carefully analyses the stresses and symptoms and then selects the therapies that help, heal and benefit the body.

Due to his exceptional knowledge and expertise, he is one of the world’s leading holistic beauty experts. A large number of celebrities and individuals from all over the world are among his clientele and trust his professional competence and expertise.

In the field of body detoxification, orthomolecular and environmental medicine, he looks after many people, including internationally renowned top athletes from all areas of sport. Through his precision medicine, cause diagnostics and cause therapy, the body’s optimal performance can be retrieved by eliminating stressful environmental pollutants.