News and studies

Once again, very encouraging study results published! 

Our team at the INUSpheresis® Swiss Medical Excellence Center in Uttwil on Lake Constance is delighted about the latest publication, in collaboration with many renowned scientists! Both the hardware and the key therapy concept around INUSpheresis® have again been evaluated extremely positively by scientists!

For 14 years patients with more than 512,000 different individual data on INUSpheresis® have been anonymously recorded and evaluated and the data used for chronic time-related diseases. Therefore, the largest collection of data on apheresis in chronic time-related diseases exists thanks to INUSpheresis®.

Publications on apheresis 

28 of our own publications on apheresis can be accessed in the international medical database PubMed:

7 publications deal specifically with INUSpheresis® and the INUS 30 and TKM 58 filters. They were produced in conjunction with the University of Dresden, Kings College London, as well as universities and institutions in Milan, Miami and others. Among other things, the effect of the INUS filter systems INUS 30 and TKM 58 was investigated in London and their effectiveness was proven.